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In Love, At Work and With Your Dog

Are you a dog parent (or pet professional) looking for a community that understands what it's like to care for a furry friend with fear, anxiety or bad behavior? (or maybe deal with your own need for calm connection and less reactivity in the crazy demands of life?)Working to pursue your professional goals guilt free while trying to maintain a work-life balance and joy with your whole family?Is the barking, stealing, pulling, jumping, running, fighting, chewing, biting or other bad behavior from your dog (or other people) destroying your personal relationships?

Look No Further - This is Your Place

"The Paws & Unwind Virtual Dog Park" is a vibrant virtual sanctuary for dog lovers like you. Here, we embrace the joys and tackle the challenges of dog psychology, human connection and personal growth while we change frustrating bad behavior for happier, healthier and well balanced packs - human and canine.

Here's What's Inside:

🧘🏼 A supportive space to connect and share experiences about how to maintain calm and banish overwhelm.🐢 A vibrant community to expand on subjects related to dogs, business and life challenges and wins.🦴 Opportunities to participate in virtual playdates, masterminds, interviews, focused work sessions and live Q&As with pet, business and life mastery experts.πŸ›Ÿ Learn essential life skills to lead a joy filled, balanced life (especially if you are a compassionate carer, healer or animal professional)πŸ₯³ A platform to exchange stories, tips, and advice on create work and life balance alongside your beloved (but sometimes afraid) pup (or spouse, child or significant other).πŸ’ Calm the crazy canine chaos and bring more peace to your daily life - in love, business and at home.✈️ Members - Only behind the scenes "get real" insider tips, discounts and prizes to take you to new heights in all your relationships including the human-animal bond.🌟 Because you want more from life, community, wellness and kindness in your relationships, we want YOU to be here!

Join our waiting list today to gain access to the first-of-its-kind community that gets it. "Paws & Unwind" isn't just a groupβ€”it's a movement to understand and improve the lives of anxious or fearful dogs with bad behavior and their loving pet parents, where your freedom-loving spirit meets your passion for canine companionship.Join for the Dogs.
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